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Official Shelby Cobra dealer Nevada Classics, Inc. has announced that authentic CSX6000 Shelby Cobra starter kits are now available to Canadian customers.  Transport Canada recently approved the starter kit configuration for import and orders are now being accepted for delivery to any Canadian province.

“For years, we’ve heard from Canadian customers who were frustrated at their inability to legally import Shelby component cars into Canada, as well as stories about black market attempts to sneak them across,” said Mark Logan, President/CEO of Nevada Classics.  “In many cases, those ill-fated attempts resulted in confiscated cars at the border.  This was an expensive lesson for many.”

Nevada Classics invested the time and effort to follow Canadian rules and regulations governing the import of starter kits.  As a result, the company is now able to legally export CSX6000 starter kits into Canada.

Besides the replica Factory Five MK 4 roadster replica, which is designed to look like a real Cobra, the Shelby Cobra CSX6000 is the only Cobra starter kit that Canadian customers can legally import into the country and the only one using an authentic CSX Shelby Cobra body and chassis.

The starter kit includes all components necessary to construct a complete Shelby Cobra except suspension, steering, brake system, fuel system, main wiring harness and power train.  The deleted components are available in Canada from many resources.  The price for an authentic CSX6000 Shelby Cobra starter kit begins at US$49,995.  For more information, go to

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